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She is the fire
She is the flame
She is that which
Can never be claimed
She is the storm
She is the hail
Before her wrath
All else will fail
She is the other
She is the same
She is the wild which
Can never be tamed
She is the soul
She is the frail
Before her beauty
All else will pale
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Godly Love
Beauty so wild and free
Absolutely stunning me
Seems unreal, impossible
The colors vibrant and aglow
With perfection blended together
Each element seems to grow
Better than my imagination
Better than anything man made
In every small situation
I start to see the hand of fate
of course the beauty brings
With it struggles aplenty
Costs grow as dreams do
The darkness always returns
But Lord, Your hand is seen
As you sweep colors across
Your canvas of sky
With the sun Your paint
And Your mercy and benevolence
Can be felt with every
Sunrise and sunset
Caressing the world with
Just a touch of Your love
All of creation healed again
By a simple whisper of wind...
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Today I write of my anguish
Today I write of my pain
The one that takes my breath
Running through every vein
Today I speak of the solitude
Of the knowledge of tomorrow
Of the fear that lives inside
Of this limitless sorrow
Today I mention all the wrongs
All the prayers answered last
Turned into nothing again
Haunted by the past
Today I grieve everything
That will never come to be
Darkness and hatred
That’s all I can see
Today I live once more
In the hopes shattered
Today I look once more
For my soul scattered
Today I think I must end
Where the edges began
Let all the boundaries rend
So I can begin again
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Call Me Home
Everyone’s got something
Something to believe in
Everyone’s got someone
Someone to feel with
But I
I’m alone
In a world
With no song
I’m alive
But I’m not living
Any kind of life
I’m so alone
Only got this clothing
To keep me warm
I’m so tired
Of being alive
With nothing to light the fire inside
And i
I’m so numb
Sometimes wish I could’ve gone on being dumb
I used to be happy
But ignorance is bliss
And now it’s come to this
I’m so alone
In this world
With no song
And i
I’m not alive
I need someone to breath me back to life
Everyone’s got something
To believe in
Everyone’s got someone
To love them
But i
I’m still strong
Get up brush it off carry on
Stiff upper lip head held high
Just the occasional mope and cry
Because i
I am alone
I have no one to call me home
And i
I need to breathe
Someone come and find me please
I’m so alone
Just need someone to call me home
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I Am
I am the Panthress
I am the wilderness
Strong and fierce
Fluid and changing
Evolving, preying
Resting. Decaying
I am the feminine
I am the stormy sea
I am the placid lake
I am the summer breeze
I am the fallen leaves
The dirt beneath your feet
I am the power of birth
And the destruction
Brought on by disease
Untameable, unobtainable
I am the impossible dream.
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The Next Step
I don’t want a calm shore in turbulent seas
I want a free spirit to life and challenge me
I want sunlit afternoons of laughter and love
And passionate romance to life me up
Rainy days spent together in bed reading
To fantastical Lands each word leading
I want to travel and be free, him with me
And most of all I want to love fearlessly
To trust tremendously, to be loved endlessly
To soar through the night sky courageously
Him always with his arms around me
He my king, I his queen and dream
Together the invincible team
Someday that joy will come to find me
Real love will find me once more
Until then I will my own way home
Peaceful down to my very core.
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Used To
You used to want me against you
You used to hold me tight
Claiming me in public with all your might
You used to squish me close
Like I was part of your soul
Like I was what made you whole
You used to want to hold my hand
The ring you gave me like a brand
Acting as if I were the only light
The world a darkness you fight
When that changed to me your enemy
When that changed to you not loving me
I don’t know, I never really will
All I know is I care for your still
But that love I had is long gone
Taking with it the light that shone
Into my soul, making me whole
To me left the abandoned role
But somehow I still remember
How it once used to be
Fire that burned now in embers
And I’m getting used to being me
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Left You Too
You once told me
We were stuck together with glue
When did that grow old for you?
Why, when I said
I want us to be wed
Did you not see growing old with me?
[Together, forever
That’s how it should’ve been
Instead you chose to be untrue
What changed?
Now we’re estranged
There’s nothing left for us to do
But baby, I wonder
Didn’t you know
Oh, I could’ve left you too?] Chorus
Happy, we were
Lucky as a duck
That’s how I’d come to see us
But you, you said
Your happiness fled
Don’t you know I could’ve fled too?
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I Hate That I Still Remember You
I hate what you did to us
I hate you leaving out of the blue
I hate that you forgot me so easily
I hate most that I still remember you
I hate that the good things didn't matter
I hate that all you can think of is darkness
I hate that you forgot all of the joy
I hate that you threw away the light
I hate that you won't even try to apologize
I hate that my tears didn't reach you
I hate that your love for me died
I hate that I couldn't stop loving you
I hate that you walked away from us
I hate that you ran me under a bus
I hate that it all fell apart so easily
I hate that you gave it all away freely
I hate most of all that your heart
Doesn't care that we are apart
I hate how I still wish I had you
I hate most that I still remember you
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Choose Me
Trying to learn to breathe
With a piece of my soul stolen
Trying to learn to fly again
With just one wing, broken
How long has it been
Since we've spoken
Don't have anything left
But an empty shell, open
(You took it all from me
My love, my heart, my dignity
It wasn't enough for me
To beg you on my knees
Was it worth nothing to you
The promise of eternity
Together, through it all
Didn't you choose me?) CHORUS
Trying to understand
How to comprehend
There won't be any more
Written in our story
So many chapters left to write
So many memories so bright
How is it you don't feel this is right
How is it for me you won't fight
You read all the little notes
Saw our happy memories
How could you walk away
From us so easily
Were my words so unclear
Was your love so full of fear
With what heart did you
Want me to disappear?
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Beginning of the End
Oh how it crumbles
Falling to pieces
The palace we built up
Just disappearing
Every dream, Every step
That we took together
Melting away
To nothing
[When did it start
To fester in your heart
The resentment
That turned to hate?
When did we lose
Our chance to choose
Love over this ending?
Where did you go
Leaving me alone
Searching through this fog unending
In this land
Barren of hope
Trying to cope
Looking again
For the beginning of the end] = CHORUS
Hearts broken
Selves a token
Of the people
We once used to be
Ghosts of ourselves
There’s nothing good left
There’s nothing left to me
But baby, where did it start
To fester in your heart
The beginning of the end?
The walls, they crumble
Turning to rubble
Nothing left to trouble
But this wondrous end
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One Last Kiss
Desperate, I’m pounding at your door
Begging for you to let me in once more
But you, you would’ve even
Give me the time of day
Your anger and selfishness
Gave our love away
All the beautiful things
We worked hard to build
Burnt away to ashes
All thanks to your will
(And still I wanted
Nothing but to forgive you once more
Still I dreamed of the day
I could give to you once more
All the love, all the heart
You had come to miss
But darling, you didn’t even
Give me one last kiss) = Chorus
And now I’m moving on
Learning to be strong
You don’t even have the courage
To admit you were wrong
I take back the love
All the power I’d given
To your callous heartlessness
I won’t ever give in
And now darling, baby
I won’t love you no more
You just keep on hating me
Down to your core
And every time you remember
My smile, you’ll come to miss
You’ll regret not parting
With one last kiss
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Ready for the embrace of heaven to enfold me in soft warmth and safety
Ready for the unforgiving fires of Hell if that is where my eternity awaits
Ready to return to the fold of Death, of the legions awaiting Judgment
Ready to give up this breath so painstakingly earned and easily lost
Ready for the nightmare of unspeakable pain flowing unendingly to end
Ready to dash towards the nearest exit from life and responsibility
Ready to let go of hope and dreams, of love and life, of courage and belief
Ready to cease to exist to be…
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I have been hurt, so hurt, by so many people on this earth, but nothing hurt as much as the way you walked away.
You threw me away not once, not twice, but thrice and never stopped. Getting thrown away, abandoned and forgotten – my every fear realized through the one person that knew all of me.
A dagger twists in my heart, my body trembles and my heart won’t start; I feel like I will never be whole again.
Why did you do this? How did this happen? How did you come to hate me so much that you would hurt me so deeply?
I really wish I could understand the way this ended, I really don’t, I really can’t, because I have never stopped loving you.
What made your heart so hard towards me? I did not do anything to deserve this. I don’t understand. I can’t understand. How selfish are you?
I even offered to cut out my heart and lay it at your feet so you would believe me again, but you couldn’t trust me at all. You chose You over Us.
My heart hurts, my soul
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Wandering through life, drifting through hell,
Just an empty husk, now a broken shell
Watching the colors shift chaotically
As emotions collide and burst frantically
An aura emerges, indecision converges
Fear begins its rule and the heart lurches
The earth itself shifts and stars align
All of it seems to be a grand design
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My Perfect, Imperfect Man
My perfect, imperfect man
The one who doesn’t understand
Why I keep on ignoring
All the things that I can
My perfect, imperfect man
That leaves whenever he can
Wanting to prove himself
Never once looking behind
My perfect, imperfect man
That doesn’t hear the words
Describing his imperfections
As contemplations of love
My perfect, imperfect man
The one who doesn’t understand
I would never stand with him
If I didn’t absolutely love him
My perfect, imperfect man
That isn’t really truly mine
Left to where he had to go
In order for us both to grow
My perfect, imperfect man…
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United States
Unbound, unstrained, uncontained
I love the sensation of being free
I want to be the only one in charge of me.

"Thoughts are the seed of action." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Time changes everyone through the many experiences that make up a life. Every life that has ever been, is, or will come to be is a story that touches on many others. My story is no different from many that have passed from this world. Nothing about me screams "Extraordinary," and yet I Am. Each of us is extraordinary in a way only we can be. No one can be us, we cannot be anyone else. Though that seems obvious, it usually takes a long time and a lot of hardships to accept and eventually be glad about.

Having gone through a lot myself in the past few years, I realized that I am happy I am who I am. I am happy I have touched the lives I have. Each day has taught me something new and I will never stop learning. A lot of heartache taught me how strong my mind is. A lot of tears have washed away pain. A lot of people have come and gone and some have stayed in my heart forever. I am still searching for a place that is truly my own, a place where I really belong.

I won't give up on myself or my dreams. A failure is simply another chance at success. That is a lesson harder to learn than any other and my writing reflects my difficulty in accepting failure. As I evolve, so will my art. I hope that those who once liked my words will love them again. Hope is the core of my being, and as such I hope to spread it to many.

To those who have just now begun to read my work, thank you and welcome. To those who read it from the start, thank you and I hope you will love my future work also.




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